Variation Application (Summons)

Variation applications summons


Parties may make a variation application (Summons) to vary the Court order upon certain events such as a material change in circumstances. After you (the Applicant) have filed the summons, you are required to serve the Summons (together with relevant documents) on your ex-spouse (the Respondent). Service may be effected by personal service, registered post or a substituted mode of service.  The process is similar to that of service of Originating Summons for divorce. Please refer to the sections on:
Upon filing the application, the Court will fix a date for mediation or Pre-Trial Conference for both parties to attend.  

If you were previously represented by solicitors and your solicitors remain on record, but you wish to represent yourself in the proceedings, you are required to file a Notice of Intention to Act in Person at the time of filing the Summons.

If the nature of your summons is to rescind your previous consented Court order not to have the ancillary matters determined on the grounds that you and your ex-spouse wished to reconcile (rujuk) or reconcile and remarry (revocation of divorce), you are required to return the Divorce Certificate (if it has been issued) to the Court, and to file the Parenting Plan and Matrimonial Property Plan as applicable. 

If you are the applicant, please click here for information on filing the summons.

If you are the respondent, please click here for important information on the documents which need to be brought on your appointment date.