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Mobile Phone

Switch off or silence your mobile phone before entering the courtroom or chambers. Video or other cameras, tape recorders, two-way radios or other electronic equipment are not permitted in the courtroom or chambers.

In the courtroom or chambers

Stand when the President enters or leaves the courtroom or chambers.
Address the President as ‘Sir’ or “Your Honour’

Open Court Hearing

Stand while addressing the President, or while he is addressing you. – unless you are seated at the witness stand. While you are standing, do not fold your arms across your chest or put your hands in your pockets. If you have witnesses, they must wait outside until it is their turn to give evidence.

Chambers Hearing

 Only you and the other party, or the other party’s lawyer if there is one, may enter.  A chambers hearing is a private hearing. You may address the President or Registrar while you are seated.


You must be polite at all times during a hearing, pre-trial conference or mediation. Do not shout, use vulgar words, or interrupt. It is important for you to remain calm. Everyone will have their turn to speak. Never interrupt the President, Registrar or Mediator.

Submit Documents

If you wish to submit documents to the President ask for permission. If you are in open court, hand your documents to the court officer – never directly to the President.


No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the court premises.  Unruly behaviour is not acceptable in our court.  


Dress Code

You are to dress appropriately in court.  Do not come to court wearing shorts, short skirt/dress sleeveless blouse or shirt/ bermuda or clothes with offensive words or pictures, T-shirts or jeans with holes in them, or slippers/sandals. Remove hat, cap or dark glasses.