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On-line Guides:

A. Trial Calculation - Procedure

B. Online Application for Inheritance Certificate - Procedure

C. Request for Cert Extract - Procedure

Sample of Statutory Declaration

A. Trial Calculations - Procedure

Trial calculations here is provided solely for the information to users only. Users may make copies of the calculations. However, it is to be noted that no individual, authority or court of law is obliged to recognise the calculations.

The procedure is as follows:

From Home page - Click 'Inheritance' then 'On-line Trial Calculation'.

  • Enter the [Name] and [gender] of the person whose estate is to be divided.
  • Click [Submit] to proceed. You will need to select the number(s) of male and female Inheritors.
  • Click [Submit] The screen will show the inheritors not entitled to any share of the deceased] estate
  • Click [Submit] to go the next screen The screen will show the inheritors and the division of share each inheritor(s) get.
  • You may [PRINT] or [Retry] to do another trial calculation.

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B. Online Application for Inheritance Certificate - Procedure

The calculation appearing in the Inheritance Certificate is based on the information on beneficiaries provided by the applicant. The names and the identity card numbers of the beneficiaries must be correct before proceeding to make th application.

It is highly recommended that you clear your browsing history/cache first.
The procedure:

 Important : Please ensure that the identification numbers for Singapore IDs are correct, otherwise our system would indicate them as 'Invalid ID'.


  • From Home Page - Click 'Inheritance' then [Online Application for Inheritance]

    You must provide and enter the mandatory information (marked with *) and you MUST be any one of the following:
    1) A Beneficiary (Must be Muslim and above the age of 21 years at the time of application) or
    2) A Law firm, on behalf of the beneficiary or
    3) Consultancy firm / agencies, on behalf of the beneficiary or
    4) MUIS Officers applying for an estate with Baitulmal shares or
    5) The Court of Law
    Law firms, consultancy firms and agencies are required to submit the Statutory Declaration of the beneficiary, upon collection of the Inheritance Certificate.
  • Select 'Disagree' or 'Agree' for undertaking.

  • Select Deceased identification's type (Singapore ID or foreign) 
    Enter the identification number.
  • Click [Submit] to proceed.

    If there is an existing record for the deceased ID entered above, all [ACTIVE CERTIFICATE LISTING] with [CERT Status] will be listed.
    Here, you may opt for
    a) [Request for Variation / Amendment] or
    b) [Request for Cert Extract]

    Click on [View Detail] button to see details before clicking on [Request for Variation/Amendment] or [Request for Cert Extract].

    If there is no record, you will be prompted to enter
    • the particulars of the deceased
    • your details as the applicant in this form on the screen.

      Note: The relationship with the deceased is available if beneficiary is selected under the Category of Applicant. Consulting/Law Firm or Agency is available if Consulting/Law Firm or Agency/category is selected. Both fields would not active if other than the above two categories is selected.

  • You have to select number of Male and Female beneficiaries related to the deceased and not to you, the applicant.
  • Click [Next] to proceed.
    Enter the mandatory Male and Female beneficiaries particulars:
    • The names (as appear in NRIC or Birth Certificate) and
    • the identification numbers of the beneficiaries.
  • To change the number of beneficiaries, use [Change Number of Inheritors/Previous] button.
    Click [Submit] to proceed.
  • The next screen will show the beneficiaries who get no share of the estate.

    This screen will not be shown if all of the beneficiaries gets a shares of the estate.

    Click [Next]The next screen will show
    • Rejected members
    • Members who are entitled to shares in the estate and the number of shares that each inheritor is entitled to,
    • those who get no share of the estate (if any).
  • To make an application, click 'Request For Certificate'. Click 'Previous' to go back and edit.

    A pop-up box will appear for you to confirm the details in this page is correct.
  • Click Ok to proceed or Cancel to go back to this page.
  • Upon clicking 'Ok' you will be given a reference number, e.g. 12/2007
    For your reference only, you may print this acknowledgement page.


    If you are coming personally to pay and collect, you must bring with you the following original documents, with copies of:

    (1) Identity Card
    (2) Deceased's death certificate
    (3) Document to prove your relationship with the deceased (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate)
    (4) Statutory Declaration  (optional if you are coming personally to pay and collect).
    If you are authorizing another person to collect the Inheritance Certificate, the person mush bring:
    (1) Your authorization letter
    (2) Your identity card
    (3) Statutory Declaration sworn by you before a Commissioner of Oath outside of Court
    (4) Identity card of the person collecting on your behalf
    (5) Document to prove you as the applicant, relationship with the deceased (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate

    This collection can only be made after 3 working days, during office hours only, at: 

    Syariah Court,
    Family Link @ Lengkok Bahru
    8 Lengkok Bahru, #03-01
    Singapore 159052

    Important: If there is an error in your application (e.g. errors in the names or ID) when it is:

    • Before you make your payment, you would be required to wait for the applicaiton to expire, if it is not expired and re-apply.

    • After payment and the inheritance certificate has been issued to you, you would be required to re-apply for a variation to the inheritance certificate issued. There is no refund for the inheritance certificate issued.

    It is crucial that you enter the correct details in steps 2 and 3 above.

    This application will be rejected if no payment is received within 21 days from the date of this on-line application. This application would then be void, and a fresh application has to be made thereafter.  


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C. Request for Cert Extract - Procedure

An application for Request for Cert Extract can only be made for certificates that are already on the Syariah Court record.

It is highly recommended that you  clear your browsing history/cache first.

  • Click [Request for Cert Extract]on the menu.
    Applicant needs to fill the [Search] space in the on-line form and select the appropriate keyword to search for the Inheritance Certificate applied for.
    Click [Next]
  • If there is no record of the deceased, applicant will be notified accordingly and will have the option to make an ]nline Application for Inheritance Certificate] (Please refer to Online Application for Inheritance Certificate Procedure).
    If a record exists, applicant will be able to view it and to ascertain that the record is that of the certificate applied for.
    Applicant can then view the record by clicking the [View Detail] button or CERT number.
  • Applicant will also be able to view the Inheritance Certificate in detail.
    Click [Request for Cert Extract]
  • Upon clicking the [Request for Cert Extract] applicant will see the on-line form of Particulars of Applicant. All spaces in the form must be filled.
    Click [Next]
  • The message on the screen shows that the application has been received. The applicant is given a reference number.
    Please pay the amount shown on the screen. Payment may be made by NETS or cashcard. The applicant must come personally at the Syariah Court during office hours. The address is as follows:
    Syariah Court,
    Family Link @ Lengkok Bahru
    8 Lengkok Bahru, #03-01
    Singapore 159052

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