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A. Marriage Counselling Programme

The Marriage Counselling Programme was first implemented in October 2004. To date, Syariah Court has 15 Counselling agencies participating under the Marriage Counselling Programme. These partners are able to provide a more holistic approach in assisting couples in a more conducive environment. Religious inputs will be provided by accredited Asatizah in the course of these sessions upon request.
Syariah Court's counselling partners are as follows:

1. THK FSC @ Bedok North
2. THK FSC @ Bukit Panjang
3. THK FSC @ MacPherson
4. THK FSC @ Serangoon
5. THK FSC @ Tanjong Pagar
6. ACOSS (APKIM Centre for Social Services)
7. Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP)
8. Muslim Converts Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam)
9. Inspirasi @ AMP
10. Inspirasi @ PPIS
11. Jamiyah Counselling Centre
12. As-Salaam PPIS Family Support Centre
13. PPIS FSC (East)
14. PPIS Family Therapy Institute
15. PPIS Vista Sakinah Centre for Remarriages & Stepfamilies

Overview of Syariah Court's Marriage Counselling Programme Process


B. Pre-Divorce Briefing Session


  What is this session all about?
 This session aims to provide:
  • information on the Court’s divorce processes and procedures
  • clarification on the documents to submit to Court and how/when to submit such documents
  • Information on ancillary issues that will be discussed in Court (example issues on custody/access of children, housing, what you or your spouse can claim from each other)

 How will this session benefit me?

The decision to proceed with a divorce is a major one which may affect various aspects of your life including housing, matrimonial assets and children. You may not know what to expect when you start the divorce process at Syariah Court. This session aims to address your concerns.
Who will be presenting the session?
 The session will be presented by a lawyer from the Law Society of Singapore's Muslim Law Practice Committee.
Registration is FREE. To register, please contact us at Syariah Court

Tel: 6354 8371 OR Email: mccy_syariah@mccy.gov.sg

Please provide us with your Full Name, NRIC no,  contact details (handphone number/ email address) and indicate the date of the session that you wish to attend.